#CPChatNow Hits One Year Milestone


Graphic (put together by Sarah Wambach) used to promote the first #CPChatNow

This past week the live cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow reached the one year milestone! Yes, one year passed since John W. Quinn, Handicap This’ Tim Wambach, and I hosted the very first live #CPChatNow discussion Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013.

As public figures in the cerebral palsy community we welcomed people with CP, their family members, caregivers, and whoever else to come ask us questions about CP. Demands for another live #CPChatNow chat rose leading #CPChatNow to quickly turn into a weekly deal.

Each week new and familiar faces alike joined in. A few months later the demographic shifted to mostly people with CP evolving #CPChatNow into a support group. Every Wednesday at 8pm EST we took to Twitter to announce exciting news, vent our frustrations, and bond over experiences others with CP could best understand.

The connections we made transcended Twitter and the Internet. Two young women with CP who actually attended the same elementary school (albeit grades apart) re-connected due to #CPChatNow. Through their travels Handicap This met different #CPChatNow regulars in-person.

So far I personally enjoyed meeting in-person Blake, a young man with much potential. 2015 should see me getting the chance to meet more #CPChatNow kin in-person. No matter what 2015 brings though, the aforementioned demonstrates the real, meaningful connections made by the live chat.

Now the year also saw other commitments leave my #CPChatNow co-hosts John and Tim to step back from the weekly chat. Upcoming events however should stir new excitement within the live chat’s community.

Like the #CPChatNow Facebook page to stay informed. Join the conversation on Twitter every Wednesday starting at 8pm EST. Do so with these three easy steps listed in the following graphic.

#CPChatNow Instructions

#CPChatNow takes place every Wednesday at 8pm EST.

FYI we do still welcome participation from everyone. In other words cerebral palsy parents, caregivers, and curious strangers. Come join us! You might just find our feedback helpful.


#CPChatNow Recap for 01-22-2014


Next Live Twitter Chat: Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Due to family issues I couldn’t partake in this week’s live Twitter chat #CPChatNow. Certain circumstances however leave me timing in from my brief hiatus here to bring you your regularly scheduled #CPChatNow recap. Looking over the Twitter discussion I see I missed a friendly, fun, and insightful conversation.

Humorous banter about the weather started early.

#CPChatNow Weather Banter

Now as John happens to mention I am in Tucson, Arizona. So I can confirm his weather report.

Meeting John in person

Arizona Sunrise January 22nd

Clouds begin to depart during Tucson, AZ’s Wednesday morning sunrise.

Those surrounded by snow did try to enjoy the situation, although CP turns said task into a challenging endeavor.

Sledding and Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy should definitely prove a hot topic this March in Atlanta, GA.

Cerebral Palsy Conference

Handicap This also entertained an interview request.

Handicap This Interview Inquiry

Moving on, the need for better public transportation became evident.

Accessible Transportation

The term “disability” received focus.

The word disability

Until next week, remember you can always join the conversation on Facebook too!

#CPChatNow Facebook Page

#CPChatNow Recap for 01-08-14


Next Live Twitter Chat: Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Imagine a community where members empower each other, support one another, and remain welcoming to everyone. You just pictured #CPChatNow! 🙂 With each passing Wednesday the community strengthens and lives become increasingly enriched. Don’t simply take me at my word though. Let these highlights from last night’s live discussion demonstrate the above.

Place your anticipations to rest.

#CPChatNow Recap Anticipation

We (@johnwquinn, @HandicapThis, and I) enjoy hosting these chats in-part because the chats allow us to better connect with our audiences.

Listening to John's Audio Book

Plus we receive the chance to celebrate your success.

Celebrating Success

Through supporting each other, personal growth occurs.

Empowering Another

Such personal growth happens because we discuss powerful topics.



Some join in seeking practical advice.

Practical Advice

Others desire factual information.

Factual Information

Overall we keep a positive tone which can involve sharing laughs.

Are you a cougar?

Please join us next week. You don’t have to have cerebral palsy to chime in.

All are Welcome


Live #CPChatNow Twitter chats take place every Wednesday at 8pm EST/7pm CST/5pm PST.

Not on Twitter? Join in using the #CPChatNow Facebook page.

Live Twitter Chat on Cerebral Palsy This Tuesday

Please join John W. Quinn (@johnwquinn), Tim Wambach (@HandicapThis), and I (@zacharyfenell) this Tuesday (December 3rd) on Twitter at 8:00pm EST as we host a live Twitter chat to discuss cerebral palsy, using the hashtag #CPChatNow.

If you followed my blog/Youtube videos for a while now, the names John W. Quinn and Tim Wambach will sound familiar. In fact I featured both John and Tim along with Tim’s friend/co-star Mike Berkson in posts dubbed “Personality Profile” during my blog’s early days (November/December 2011).

Allow me to revisit those posts and use quoted excerpts to introduce my co-hosts for the live cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow.


Image created by Sarah O’Brien

John W. Quinn- “Quinn wrote Someone Like Me- An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy, a book noting how John overcame his cerebral palsy to enjoy a 20-year naval career.”

Tim Wambach- “Mike Berkson embodies this blog’s tagline ‘Putting  the ‘Cerebral’ in Cerebral Palsy’ so well I can’t think of a better candidate for my first personality profile here at Off Balanced. Where cerebral palsy limits Mike, close friend Tim Wambach enables. Together the two spread disability awareness in the form of a live stage show called ‘Handicap This.'”

Returning from flashback quote land, Tim documented the core to his friendship with Mike in the book How We Roll. Tim also serves as the president to a non-profit Mike inspired him to start, the Keep on Keeping On Foundation.

Certainly worth noting, both John and Tim boast Fortune 500 on their resumes. John does motivational speaking, empowering audiences varying from schools to the aforementioned Fortune 500 companies. Tim use to work as a trainer for Next Level Consulting, an organization which provides training services to Fortune 500 companies

Given John and Tim’s respective credentials I feel honored to share the virtual stage with them. We welcome your questions and look forward to answering them. So, make sure you login into Twitter this Tuesday (December 3rd) at 8:00pm EST (7pm CT/5pm PT) and use the hashtag #CPChatNow.

Tweet you later!

*To learn more about John W. Quinn visit www.johnwquinn.com. For more on Tim and Mike’s endeavors, see www.handicapthis.com. Obviously you can learn more about me by looking around here and also by visiting www.zacharyfenell.com.